“After changing our wedding date and venue four months before our wedding, we hired Courtney to help us with planning our special day. I honestly can’t say enough about how amazing she is! From her attention to detail, her advice regarding vendors, and her availability to meet in person or respond to emails, she was exactly what I was looking for in a wedding planner. I highly recommend Courtney and her team regardless of whether you are looking for full service for a large event or just some assistance with your low-key DIY wedding. She’s the best!”

Tanya and Jon, July 2017

“Planning a wedding from out of town added a lot of stress and complications. I quickly realized that having someone help from Ottawa, that knew the industry, and the in’s and out’s of how to manage the little time I would have when I was in town was very valuable – so in came Courtney! She quickly came on board and was so organized with helping lay out what needed to be done and when (with her gentle reminders to make sure I stayed on track!) and helping with things from vendor recommendations based on budget and look/feel, reviewing contracts, and giving advice about anything I needed know. Courtney was a total star when the time came and she kept everything going at the rehearsal and most importantly kept everything moving seamlessly on the day of and dealt with anything that came up. It really allowed us to just enjoy the day. Thank you so much for Courtney for all of your help!!”

Jessica and Christian, June 2017

“We hired Courtney after getting overwhelmed when we started to think about choosing a venue. She helped us right from the beginning, suggested locations, looked over our contracts, asked our vendors questions we would never have thought of.
Courtney guided us based on our preferences and didn’t make us feel bad for not having things like a cake, paper invitations, or flowers. Of course people can do it on their own, but having someone like Courtney saved us so much in time and sanity. We had some last minute changes the week and the day of the wedding, we would have lost our minds having to handle it ourselves. We were able to show up and have the best wedding we could have ever imagined. Courtney, we can’t thank you enough, you’re the best there is!”

Claire and Sunil, August 2017 

“Joey and I got engaged in May 2015, and set a wedding date for September 2016. With so much time to plan we had not originally considered a wedding planner. Around the spring of 2016, we realized we needed a lot help with the details and something we hadn’t even considered – the day-of the wedding. From the first point of contact, Courtney asked what we wanted and made our dream happen. She was always happy to meet with us and our families and was great at checking in and managing every little detail. She brought in our vendors and gave incredibly savvy advice along the way. The day of the wedding I was continually told that “things will go wrong, just let them slide”. I said it in my wedding speech and I will say it again, there wasn’t a single thing that went wrong. Everything was perfect and I am 100% sure that’s because of Courtney and her team. Honestly, I have no idea how people can have a wedding without a wedding planner like Courtney. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH from the bottom of our hearts!” 

Danielle and Joey, September 2016 

“When planning our wedding, the best decision we made was hiring Courtney. She was not only very professional and organized but she was sensitive and caring to both mine and my fiancé’s wants and needs. Courtney gave us quality advice to ensure that our vision for our magical day was turned into a reality and all of her hard work paid off the day of our wedding, turning it into the best day of our lives. I truly don’t know how we could have pulled off our day without her. Thank you Courtney!”

Victoria and Stephen, May 2016 

“Courtney, hiring you was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. It was a special blessing to be able to spend precious time with our families before our ceremony and know that you were helping with the set up and making sure every detail was in place. I had so many little things that needed to be set up or executed the day of the wedding, and you managed to do them all! You were me on that day, if not more! We were so happy to have you there to discreetly guide us through our reception and ensure that everything was on schedule. Your passion for weddings combined with your organization and attention to detail make you worth far more than the rates you charge. We would highly recommend you to any couple planning their wedding; with your help, our wedding was the smoothly run success we dreamt it could be! We had such a wonderful time; we wish we could do it all over again! One of the greatest pleasures was getting to know you. You were not just our wedding day planner, but became such a good friend. Thank you again for everything you did!”

Patricia and Michael, July 2015 

“Dear Courtney, Ryan and I cannot even begin to express our thanks, appreciation and love for you and everything you have done for us. We look back at our wedding and are in complete agreement, it was pure perfection, and 100% of the credit for that goes to you. If I didn’t know better I would even say that it was your determination to make it perfect that chased away the rain. From the very beginning of our wedding planning process you put both of us at ease. The level of anxiety I was feeling about the daunting task of even knowing where to begin with planning a wedding was immediately alleviated by your genuine kind heart and passion for all things wedding. Your attention to detail, organization and obvious commitment to making our day the best day possible meant that I was able to relax and enjoy the process. From your consistent communication I was never concerned something was slipping through the cracks or that I had completely blown my budget with a single item. Your understanding of the fact that there is no set way things should be done and your willingness to explore “outside the box” opportunities was a huge asset (and relief)! I will absolutely be recommending your services to anyone I encounter looking for a wedding planner. Because of you our day was completely flawless and we, along with our guests, had such an amazing time (our groomsmen still talk about how incredible you were in making sure there was always a beer in their hand). Thanks again for all your hard work!”

Brianne and Ryan, May 2015 

“No one really talks about how stressful and overwhelming wedding preparation can be. I mean don’t get me wrong it can be exciting, but Michael and I were both honestly quite overwhelmed with everything and often would feel guilty relaxing when we knew there were so many things to do. In came Courtney with her enthusiasm and passion for all things wedding. Her attitude was contagious and allowed me to enjoy the process again, and put me at ease knowing my event was in great hands. Courtney’s attention to detail, dedication to our day and vision, her quick and creative nature, and her relatable personality made her the wedding planner you want to have. We were so happy on our wedding day and were able to enjoy every minute because we knew Courtney had it covered.

Rachelle and Mike, August 2015