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Who is the ‘Courtney Elizabeth Client’?

The Courtney Elizabeth Events couple is excited to dive into the details, but needs guidance and assistance to make the perfect event come together. They care about their guests experience at the wedding and want to make sure every detail is taken care of. They want to be involved in the planning process but want to leave the organization and detail tracking to the professionals. They hate seeing the bridal party chew gum while walking down the aisle, cringe at a bad DJ, and don’t ever want to see an empty dance floor.

They are busy, professional, and hardworking– but love a nice glass of wine and don’t mind enjoying the finer things. They probably love their families, enjoy eating at delicious restaurants, and have a dog (or want one desperately). They are keen on making their wedding day something special but want to be mindful of traditions.

At Courtney Elizabeth Events, we pride ourselves on planning thoughtful, creative, and personalized events that are uniquely sentimental to each client. We aren’t about throwing the same wedding with the same colors, the same vendors, and the same ambience every weekend. We’re all about showcasing a couples individual personalities and want to help them use their dollars in the best way possible. We want each and every guest to leave your wedding saying it was the best wedding ever, and will strive to do that with each and every event we help manage.

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