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After being on hiatus from blogging during the past hectic few months of wedding season, I wanted to get right back into it after having the privilege to go on a hard hat tour of what is sure to be Ottawa’s hottest new hotel— Andaz Ottawa in the Byward Market.

hardhat tour
View from the top! Here I am at the rooftop bar with Rachel Kerr, ‎Marketing and Communications Manager at Andaz Ottawa.

This contemporary, unique, and completely untraditional hotel boasts one of the best (if not the best) views in the city and quite honestly I cannot wait until it opens later this summer.

As a planner, it is always so exciting to see a new space come up in the city and with all the revamping Ottawa is getting throughout our shopping centers, city landscapes, and transportation it’s about time we had a modern, yet, luxurious hotel to keep up with other hotspot metropolitan cities and their trendy and chic event spaces.

Andaz is a Hyatt brand of hotel with only a few locations around the world; whose clientele are hip, creative and vibrant individuals who truly want to experience a city’s culture, cuisine, and local charm (…we’re so lucky that Ottawa has been selected as the very FIRST location in Canada!).

Andaz Ottawa

Their brand is honestly amazing– I was able to experience it first hand when I recently stayed at Andaz 5th Avenue on a trip to NYC—and I was wowed at every turn by their one-of-a-kind approach to luxury accommodations.

In the Ottawa location as soon as you enter the unconventional, yet sleek lobby, Andaz makes you feel at home. There is no formal ‘check-in’ desk— instead one of their friendly staff greets you with a complimentary beverage (alcoholic if you arrive after 11am!) in a chic front lobby lounge and will personally escort you to your room.

Lobby Lounge

Upon arrival to your home-away-from-home accommodations– you walk into a gorgeous industrial space with copper fixtures, light and bright furnishings and a city view that is beyond compare. Also… you get free local snacks stocked in your room daily so really… what could be better?

Andaz Bedroom

The rooftop bar is exceptional (the views of downtown and Parliament Hill are insane) and will no doubt be one of Ottawa’s hottest spots to enjoy locally sourced farm-to-table food by executive chef Stephen La Salle who is an Ottawa-native with a passion for creating stellar food and drink.

rooftop view Andaz Rooftop

Now on to my personal favourite from the tour—the exceptionally unique event space. If you are a couple who is looking for the perfect luxury spot for an unconventional and intimate wedding that is centrally located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, you 100% need to check out Andaz Ottawa. Their event space and room design is so easy to work with– with its natural, modern, clean and fresh décor the space really can be turned into a different look and feel with every wedding that takes place there.

Andaz Event Space

I highly recommend this location to couples who are looking to have a smaller yet unique wedding, to those looking to host an exceptional bridal shower, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner, and to those who are just looking to have a mini-staycation in our great city.

I myself am SUPER excited to have booked one of their suites with phenomenal views, great lighting, and the space that my bridal party will need to get ready on the wedding day. The girls and I will be staying there the night before the big day and Dillon and I will spend our first night as Mr. and Mrs. there as well on the night of our wedding!

Their staff has been extremely accommodating thus far and I can’t wait to work together to create an amazing experience for my girls and I on the wedding day and for Dillon and I on the night of (… and quite possibly alongside our new puppy Sultan, BECAUSE ANDAZ OTTAWA IS PET-FRIENDLY, so obviously it would be such a fun addition to have him there for the big day, right?!?!)

Anyhow, definitely stay tuned for the opening of this hotel in the coming weeks, it is a space that should be seen and taken in by all and to learn more about this hotel and its amazing event spaces, visit:

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Something Borrowed

Happy Monday Everyone! The last few weeks have been crazy busy with my own wedding planning as well as the many weddings I have coming up this summer, but one thing I wanted to take the time to share was an amazing experience and opportunity that any bride can share with her bridal party, family, friends, and even her wedding guests that is sure to make your wedding stand out as a one-of-a-kind event!

I recently met with the amazing Lauren Merkley from Rent Frock Repeat in Ottawa to discuss their “Something Borrowed” wedding program and how we could partner to help brides and ultimately their wedding guests enjoy a relaxed, stress-free, and cost-effective alternative to buying an expensive dress they might only wear once!

If you haven’t yet heard of Rent Frock Repeat—you need to check it out. Basically the RfR team shops for the best designer dresses around the world, visiting top fashion shows and showrooms. Then, they make the dresses available to rent for a fraction of the retail price. Helping renters save money and closet space by renting a gorgeous designer gown for any occasion.

So here is where the bridal perk comes in with the “Something Borrowed” package— first and foremost, it doesn’t cost you anything to set up as the bride—you will only benefit as Rent Frock Repeat wants to give you the chance to earn free rentals for your own special events (think your honeymoon, bridal shower, bachelorette…)

Here’s how it works… They will provide you with a promotional code, personal to you, that you can pass along to your guests, friends, and to your wedding party (THINK: posting it to your wedding website, social media accounts, perhaps even include it in the wedding invitation suite!). Then, as guests rent (and use the promotional code during the checkout process) you will earn 10% of each rental fee towards your own “Frock Dollars”. When you are ready to trade in your “Frock Dollars” for a fabulous dress or two, you simply email them and they will let you know how many “Frock Dollars” you’ve earned and will work with you to find that special dress for the other occasions that will come up before or after your wedding day!

Another benefit of this promo code is that it will also help the team at RfR to ensure guests do not rent the same dress, meaning less drama and less matchy-matchy on your special day!

There is ultimately no downside to signing up, really it’s only an added perk for all of your guests— especially the out-of-towners who may not want to stuff their best gowns on an airplane!

Their dresses come in all shapes and sizes and they make it super easy to rent and return. If you’re out of the Ottawa area you can shop online and even have it shipped right to your hotel room for the wedding OR if you are based in Ottawa you can book a fitting at their gorgeous showroom in the Market to try on and see the gowns in person before you decide.

Here are some of my favourite beauties from RfR for this upcoming wedding season (all images from: Rent Frock Repeat):

The team at Rent Frock Repeat really has thought of everything— they are super accommodating and will do everything they can to make choosing an outfit as simple as possible. If you are a bride looking to setup this awesome perk for your crew, contact RfR at or call them at 1-855-FROCKIT (376-2548).

Or if you are just a reader who is planning on attending a wedding, gala, or special event in the near future definitely check out their website to learn more!

Until next time…


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Happy Spring!

Well… after going on a bit of a random hiatus from blogging (my profuse apologies to my avid readers), I am back!

And there is no better time to make my triumphant return than the first day of April—which means spring is on its way and that wedding season is JUST around the corner.

Wedding Planner Ottawa

I originally started this blog as a bride-to-be myself, where I intended to include readers in my journey of all things wedding up until our big day. Unfortunately though, in the end, we chose to have our wedding almost 2 years after our engagement date—so there hasn’t been a whole lot of planning going on.

Our long engagement has been a few things— and all mostly positive. It has been great to enjoy our time as fiancés, not be stressed about planning a wedding, and more so just enjoying this stage in our lives. However, it has also been a little tough— I know Dillon and I are both tired of using the “my fiancé” line, we have both heard the “any wedding plans yet?” line pretty much every time we see anyone; and I think the most frustrating thing of all is that we don’t have any plans yet.

Since the beginning we have had our hearts set on one particular Ottawa venue—but we have had to wait patiently to hear back on whether or not they will be able to accommodate us. Fingers crossed we hear back shortly and can FINALLY start planning our festivities and then I can have some juicy things to write about on the ol’ blog!

Anyways, I cannot wait to share my direct experiences with you and provide helpful planning tips along the way! I’m super excited to say that I will be going dress shopping at the Monique Lhuillier Trunk Show this weekend in Montreal at the amazing bridal shop, White Montreal, and I can’t wait to share my experiences! Thanks so much for sharing in this journey with me– I look very forward to the upcoming year!! Let the planning begin 🙂

Until next time…


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Invitation Etiquette

Can you believe it?? Wedding season 2016 is a little more than 3 months away! As such, I know a lot of early summer brides and grooms are thinking about getting their wedding invitations finalized to send out soon. As a general rule, you should be planning to send out your wedding invitations about 6-8 weeks in advance of the wedding. This gives people time to make travel arrangements, get time off work, and most importantly RSVP back to you!

In the last few weeks a lot of people have emailed or texted me asking about invite etiquette. There are many horror stories of people misreading who exactly their invitation was sent to and then they end up showing up with a date (or kids) that the bride and groom didn’t plan for. This makes it super awkward for everybody on the wedding day and I hate awkwardness…

SO this weeks blog post goes out to not only brides and grooms planning their invites, but also to everyone out there who has or ever will be invited to a wedding… as such I would say it applies to 99% of you, so here it goes…

How to write who is actually invited to your wedding and how to read and respond correctly

Jupiter and Juno Jupiter and Juno Jupiter and Juno

Images and Invites from: Jupiter and Juno Shop

There are a few different scenarios here, but lets start with the basics:

  • You go to your mailbox (be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox… I know a lot of people don’t check the mail everyday anymore, but going into wedding season be sure to check frequently enough so you don’t miss an RSVP date)
  • Now this may seem mundane, but before you even crack the envelope seal, look to see who this piece of mail is addressed to…
  • Now the tricky part with all the various scenarios, so pay attention:
    1. The invite is addressed to: Mr. John Smith – this means ONLY YOU are invited; therefore you can’t bring a date, a friend, etc. Only you. For the brides and grooms out there: if a guest isn’t married or in a serious relationship, it’s perfectly acceptable to invite them solo—so don’t feel bad!
    2. The invite is addressed to: Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Doe – this means ONLY you and Jane are invited; so if Jane and you break up or she is out of town—you shouldn’t bring anybody else. I guess if you are desperate for a friend you could ask, but usually a substitution is a faux pas. As a rule, invitations are generally non-transferable when people are invited specifically by name.
    3. The invite is addressed to: Mr. John Smith and Guest – lucky you! You can bring a friend or new lover! That being said, just realize that every person that attends the wedding will cost your friends (the bride and groom) a lot of money. Now I know it shouldn’t be all about the benjamins, but if you don’t have anyone special in mind, don’t hit up Tinder swiping frivolously to find a date. If you know some of the other guests that will be attending the wedding, save your friends the moulah and go alone. Weddings are for meeting people anyways!!
    4. The invite is addressed to: The Smith Family – do you have kids? Well if the invite is addressed to your family or you and the kids by name, then the kids are welcome to join! Again however, if you want a night off don’t feel like you have to bring them—but if you want them there you are allowed!
    5. The invite is addressed to: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith – Looks like the kids will have to stay home. If you have kids, and the invite doesn’t say “and family” or address the kids by name, then its likely the little ones aren’t invited.

Seems pretty straightforward right? Unfortunately not. Since most of us weren’t raised with early-1900’s etiquette drilled into our brains, a lot of this stuff is foreign to many people. Therefore you may still end up in a sticky situation when you receive the RSVP’s back, but don’t sweat it.

If an invitee responds and has included someone’s name who was not intended to receive an invite, simply call them up and let them know that unfortunately, you were not able to invite everyone with a guest. Most people will understand and will be happy you were honest and upfront with them.

If you find a reply where parents have said their children will be joining (and you don’t want kiddos), call them up and let them know that it is an adult-only wedding. However, don’t tell them there will be absolutely no kids if you are going to have a select few (their noses might be a little out of joint if they see other kids there when theirs weren’t allowed). Just be honest, if you’re only having the flower girl and ring bearer or only your nieces and nephews that’s one thing. Just try and be consistent to avoid any hurt feelings!

Overall yes, it can be a little awkward to make these calls, but it is important you get want you want on your big day. So be honest early on and things are likely to work out well for you!! ORRRR, just send all your guests my blog post and avoid any issues before they occur 😉

Until next time…


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WedLuxe Show Review

Coming off the holiday high of lots of engagements and exciting proposals– it’s wedding planning season!!! With that comes numerous wedding shows– which help to showcase wedding vendors and what they can offer couples as they move forward in the planning of their big day! This past weekend, I was extremely fortunate to be able to attend the WedLuxe Wedding Show in Toronto.

This is not your run-of-the-mill show. This is the best of the best in the wedding industry showcasing their talent in elaborate ways. This was my first time at the show and I attended as a bride-to-be. And let me tell you, if you love weddings, luxury, and truly beautiful things, you need to check out this show next year!!

This year’s theme was “La Dolce Vita” which drew inspiration from the ever-romantic and always beautiful Italy. Presented by WedLuxe Magazine, this show year-after-year has been hailed as one of the best wedding shows in the world—and after experiencing it, I FULLY understand why.

Upon arrival we were presented a sort-of passport that took us through the experiential events of the show. A flower market, a gift bag area (with some amazing treats!), delicious food tastings, the cocoa bar, and the day spa were just some of the exciting add-ons we got to experience, all while meeting some amazing vendors and wedding professionals along the way.

I don’t think I can do the show justice with my words, so I have included some amazing photos from the event. Everything was so thoughtfully planned and decorated and there was not one element that had not been thought of—obviously, as these are some of the best wedding people in Canada!

I hope you enjoy these pretty photos as much as I do—it was so beautiful and I came out of the event so inspired to create these sort-of fantastic events for my own clients here in Ottawa! I am already looking forward to attending next year’s show!!




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Happy 2016!!

Happy New Year!!!! I am so excited to have started 2016 off with an amazing New Year’s Eve wedding that went off without a hitch. The couple looked amazing and were surrounded with nothing but love from friends and family as they rang in the New Year as husband and wife!

Looking back on 2015 there were so many amazing things that happened. I was fortunate to grow my business, plan and coordinate perfect weddings for perfect couples who I loved working with, and among other things I got engaged myself— which is SO exciting!!!

Ottawa wedding planner

I look very forward to working with new clients and vendors in 2016, continuing this blog, and living in the moment to enjoy all life has to offer.

I wish you all nothing but the best! Now is the time to start fresh, take chances, and live the YOLO lifestyle!

Happy 2016!!!! Thank you all for making 2015 amazing!


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The Engagement Series – Part 3

So we’ve talked about the rules, I’ve given a lesson on rings, and now I’m going to discuss the actual proposal.

Vadim Daniel PhotographyImage from: Vadim Daniel Photography

The big moment. Pressure is on here fellas. But don’t worry, she has only waited her entire life for this, so you probably have it in the bag…But let’s just say that for arguments sake, you don’t. Well, I’m here to help— so fear not.

I am sure you have seen/she has forced you to watch over-the-top proposal videos on YouTube. If you have seen these videos, you’re probably intimidated. As if buying a ring and asking her dad wasn’t enough, these online lovers are going to extreme lengths for their ladies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create entire movie trailer or have a flashmob for her in Times Square to say yes. Simple can be just as effective! Just make sure you know your lady…

Tip: Know your lady. Is she shy? DON’T propose in a group/public setting. Does she even like hockey? DON’T propose on a jumbotron. If she is simple and sweet—there is nothing wrong with the ol’ favorite restaurant proposal or dropping down on one knee after a hike. Is she snazzy and outspoken? Maybe doing it in a public place will give her the kudos and random congratulations from strangers she has dreamed of since she was young. Whatever it is—make sure its ‘her’.

I’m not going to try and compete with Google here… simply typing in “proposal ideas” will give you a wealth of knowledge and should get your creative juices flowing. But for my blog’s sake, here are five tried, tested, and true proposal ideas that you can use as a jumping point for the big moment. You’re welcome.

  • Your favourite location. No, not YOUR favourite location (*no one needs to get proposed to at the local pub, downing pints and watching the game)… I mean YOUR favourite location as a couple—i.e. where you met, where your first date was, your favourite hiking trail, your favourite restaurant, the place where her grandparents met, a snazzy hotel you always stay at, etc.
  • A treasure hunt. Who doesn’t love the pirate life?? Send your future fiancé on a scavenger hunt around your home/the city. Create clues that lead her around to your favourite spots and have the hunt end with you down on one knee providing her a juicy diamond as her treasure (and your eternal love as well, of course)…
  • Plan a trip. Are you guys heading on a romantic vacation somewhere? London? Costa Rica? NYC? Montreal? Google ‘romantic proposal spots in (insert city)’ and hit her up on an evening walk. Just make sure you bought an efficient cellphone plan so you can call your family/friends after she says yes.
  • The simple wow-factor. Want the vibes of the ridiculous YouTube proposals without the extreme effort? This one is ROMANTIQUE fellas (*and that is a good thing) so feel my vibes on this one—Fill a room in your home with photo memories of your relationship dangling from helium balloons. Go with an aggressive amount of balloons for a more wowing experience. BONUS: Getting to call your fam and tell them you’re engaged with a helium voice. Amazing.
  • Perfectly lovely. Since the holiday’s are so soon, put the ring in a big box, wrap it, and give it to her as a ‘trick’ present for Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day. Boom— HAPPY HOLIDAYS. *But don’t forget to buy her other presents too… this isn’t a two-for-one kind of thing…

Anyways, no matter how you do it, I’m sure it will be perfect! The end goal here is a happy life together so Godspeed and good luck. Don’t forget to call your favourite wedding planner when everything is said and done 😉

Until next time…


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Refer a Friend!

It’s Engagement Season!!! and as a small business, word of mouth is the best kind of advertising. As a thank you, if you send a referral our way and they sign on with us for one of our wedding planning packages before February 29th, 2015 and mention you sent them, you will receive a $50 Starbucks Gift Card!

So easy, right?!  But don’t wait – start telling your friends about us, because you only have until February 29th to earn your thank you gift!

Wedding Planner Ottawa

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The Engagement Series – Part 2

Okay so let’s just say you’ve already read my last blog, you know my ‘rules of engagement’, and you’re ready to start looking for that once in a lifetime ring for your lady friend.

Chances are that you likely haven’t done this before and that you may be a little apprehensive because you just don’t know where to start. Well congratulations on taking your first step– by reading my wise and helpful blog you are on your way to becoming a fiancé!

Anyways, let’s start here…

This is your girlfriend:









Well at least this was me… obsessed with ‘The Ring’. And there is a good chance your gal has spent at least some time at some point in her life thinking about it as well. She has probably thought about what it will look like, if it will look good on her finger, how big the band should be, if the band should be plain or riddled with mini diamonds, if her friends and family will like it, and perhaps even how much it will cost.

I’ll state the obvious, because it probably just crossed your mind— YES, she is in love with you for you and YES you’re right she should love whatever you end up getting for her—however that doesn’t mean she hasn’t thought about how nice it would be to have a juicy ring on her finger.

In defense of your future fiancé and as a lady myself, the ring is literally the first thing people want to see when you tell them you’re engaged. Blame our materialistic society, but that’s the first thing to come out of people’s mouths. SO no matter the size or the price tag, you want your girl to LOVE it. At that point it doesn’t matter what other people think, because she is so consumed with love just looking at it and thinking of you.

So let me ask you this… does she want a vintage ring? A solitaire? A coloured diamond? A round cut? Overwhelmed? Don’t know? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!! Go ask her, or creep her Pinterest, or ask her sister/best girlfriend, or look a little harder around the house or computer (she has probably left you clues). My point here was to prove that there are a lot of options out there and as much as you think you know her, unless you can answer those questions on your own, ask for a bit of help.

Engagement Rings


Next—there are 4 main things to be concerned about when buying a diamond, well 5 unofficially. The 4 C’s and the B.

To save myself from being redundant if you just Google this information, here is a simple and basic guide:

Diamond Chart


So basically…

Cut: What shape it looks like/how well the diamond is cut

Color: What color it ends up looking like (the ‘whiter’ the better)

Clarity: How sparkly it is (how many imperfections it has)

Carat: The size of the diamond (bigger is usually better)







B is for brand name—I included this in because if your girlfriend is anything like me, she has probably checked out the Tiffany or Cartier website and found her dream ring there. Here is the thing, if you can afford a brand name ring—YOLO, buy it, good for you. But just know that having that brand name inscribed on the inner part of the ring will cost you more than the actual diamond may be worth.

For example, if you go to a jeweler in your town and say you want a solitaire 1 carat diamond– they will likely be able to design you an amazing one of a kind ring, with an amazing diamond on all facets of the 4C chart for a very reasonable price. But if you go to Tiffany’s and ask for the exact same ring it will probably cost you triple OR the actual quality of the diamond will have to suffer to get within your budget.

Again, weigh your options— you can spend $15,000 on a 1 carat ring at Tiffany’s or go to your local jeweler and buy a Kim Kardashian juicer for the same price or just get a gorgeous 1 carat ring that looks the exact same as the 1 carat Tiffany’s ring but for much, much less. Up to you, but just know that before you drop a bunch of money on a ring you may not have to go to those lengths to get the same look your lady found and fell in love with.

Sales people at jewelry stores are very nice and the good ones will make sure you understand everything I just outlined before you buy. Don’t feel pressured to buy on the spot, tell them up front you are just looking and you want to learn more. Bring your girl along for the first trip, get her to try some on—speaking from experience they tend to look very different on her finger in real life than they did when she saw it on Pinterest, she may have wanted something super sparkly but once she has it on her hand, she realizes its just too much or vice versa.

No matter what, try to keep it a surprise when you actually do buy it. Surprising her will definitely be worth it all in the end so stay aloof post-shopping trip and buy on your own time.

I wish you the best of luck in your hunt, if you have any questions in the meanwhile, feel free to contact me (free of charge), I am happy to provide advice and a girly opinion if you’re still a little out of your wheelhouse –

Stay tuned next week for part 3 of the Engagement Series: Proposal Ideas and Tips…

Until next time…



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The Engagement Series – Part 1

Ladies, I have some great news… Engagement season will soon be upon us! So for those of you linked up ladies who have been waiting patiently to have your fella ‘put a ring on it’— get excited, because some of the most popular times to get engaged are almost here!

Melissa Green Photography
Melissa Green Photography
Q Avenue Photo
Q Avenue Photo










Over the next few weeks, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about getting engaged—partly because I love talking about love and partly because I know there are a few girls out there that might want to send my amazing blogs to their future fiancés…

Or if you’re already one of the guys out there who avidly reads my work (I know there are a lot of you, so thank you for enjoying my witty humour)… these blogs will provide humourous, yet helpful, guidelines to help you if you are interested in popping the question some day.

Anyways— to start off the ‘Engagement Series’, here are some cold hard facts:

Did you know?

  • Nearly forty percent of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day
  • Prior to getting engaged, an average of 8% have already looked at wedding planning sites and more than 50% of couples report having at least 1 secret Pinterest board or other secret account on social media (Congrats ladies! You aren’t as weird as you thought you were!!)
  • 47% of individuals ‘popping the question’ select the ring on their own, while 46% of couples make the decision together. The remaining few let the recipient of the ring make the decision on their own.
  • 75% of brides change their Facebook status soon after they get engaged
  • Most brides aren’t surprised! According to a survey conducted by David’s Bridal, 57 percent said they knew it was coming, while 43 percent were left surprised by their proposal

Wedding Facts from: WedInsights, Glamour, and SFGate

Interesting isn’t it? Well since it’s ‘Engagement Season’ let’s go over the ‘Rules of Engagement’ to make sure you don’t forget or regret anything (it is the biggest moment of your life… #nopressure):

  • Make sure she is the one. This may seem obvious but its probably the most important thing to figure out. Don’t get married because you’re getting pressure from your friends, family, or girlfriends unrealistic timelines—do it because you want to spend the rest of your life with this person making them happy and being their best friend every single day.
  • Ask her parents. This may be very old-school and perhaps unnecessary for some couples but its like opening the door for a woman— some women may be offended and yell at you, but the majority will thank you for your thoughtfulness. So if you’re hemming and hawing about whether you need to ask her parents for her hand in marriage or not—I’d say better to do it just to say you did, than not do it and regret it.
  • THE RING. I recommend going shopping together or at least asking her what she envisions. Rings are SO different and jewelry preference is SO personal. Dillon and I went shopping a year before he actually proposed, but at least he knew what I thought I wanted. Obviously you can go rogue and pick it or design it yourself, but I think its best to get someone’s advice—whether it be her, her best friend, her sister or her mom—bring someone along to help you make decisions.
  • Plan to surprise her. Even if you have gone ring shopping together do your very best to make sure the actual proposal is a surprise. Throw her off guard, don’t tell too many people, and don’t make it too obvious. Even if she is a girl that hates surprises, this is the one life event that should come out of nowhere for her.
  • Take a knee. It may seem cliché but fulfill her dreams and do it the right way. Someone will end up asking her if you got down on one knee, so you might as well help her out and actually do it. Plus its very romantical…
  • Practice makes perfect. Plot out what you want to say beforehand to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the moment, go silent, and just throw the ring at her. You’ll be more relaxed if you have an idea of what points you want to get across. But speaking from experience, once the ring comes out and you’re on your knee, we don’t really hear what you’re saying anyways because we’re crying or hyperventilating. But that’s no excuse for you not to do your best.

Anyways, I hope these pre-proposal tips have helped you feel good about your decision. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more tips and tricks on how to get engaged with a lot of love and minimal stress!

Until next time…


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