So we’ve talked about the rules, I’ve given a lesson on rings, and now I’m going to discuss the actual proposal.

Vadim Daniel PhotographyImage from: Vadim Daniel Photography

The big moment. Pressure is on here fellas. But don’t worry, she has only waited her entire life for this, so you probably have it in the bag…But let’s just say that for arguments sake, you don’t. Well, I’m here to help— so fear not.

I am sure you have seen/she has forced you to watch over-the-top proposal videos on YouTube. If you have seen these videos, you’re probably intimidated. As if buying a ring and asking her dad wasn’t enough, these online lovers are going to extreme lengths for their ladies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create entire movie trailer or have a flashmob for her in Times Square to say yes. Simple can be just as effective! Just make sure you know your lady…

Tip: Know your lady. Is she shy? DON’T propose in a group/public setting. Does she even like hockey? DON’T propose on a jumbotron. If she is simple and sweet—there is nothing wrong with the ol’ favorite restaurant proposal or dropping down on one knee after a hike. Is she snazzy and outspoken? Maybe doing it in a public place will give her the kudos and random congratulations from strangers she has dreamed of since she was young. Whatever it is—make sure its ‘her’.

I’m not going to try and compete with Google here… simply typing in “proposal ideas” will give you a wealth of knowledge and should get your creative juices flowing. But for my blog’s sake, here are five tried, tested, and true proposal ideas that you can use as a jumping point for the big moment. You’re welcome.

  • Your favourite location. No, not YOUR favourite location (*no one needs to get proposed to at the local pub, downing pints and watching the game)… I mean YOUR favourite location as a couple—i.e. where you met, where your first date was, your favourite hiking trail, your favourite restaurant, the place where her grandparents met, a snazzy hotel you always stay at, etc.
  • A treasure hunt. Who doesn’t love the pirate life?? Send your future fiancé on a scavenger hunt around your home/the city. Create clues that lead her around to your favourite spots and have the hunt end with you down on one knee providing her a juicy diamond as her treasure (and your eternal love as well, of course)…
  • Plan a trip. Are you guys heading on a romantic vacation somewhere? London? Costa Rica? NYC? Montreal? Google ‘romantic proposal spots in (insert city)’ and hit her up on an evening walk. Just make sure you bought an efficient cellphone plan so you can call your family/friends after she says yes.
  • The simple wow-factor. Want the vibes of the ridiculous YouTube proposals without the extreme effort? This one is ROMANTIQUE fellas (*and that is a good thing) so feel my vibes on this one—Fill a room in your home with photo memories of your relationship dangling from helium balloons. Go with an aggressive amount of balloons for a more wowing experience. BONUS: Getting to call your fam and tell them you’re engaged with a helium voice. Amazing.
  • Perfectly lovely. Since the holiday’s are so soon, put the ring in a big box, wrap it, and give it to her as a ‘trick’ present for Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day. Boom— HAPPY HOLIDAYS. *But don’t forget to buy her other presents too… this isn’t a two-for-one kind of thing…

Anyways, no matter how you do it, I’m sure it will be perfect! The end goal here is a happy life together so Godspeed and good luck. Don’t forget to call your favourite wedding planner when everything is said and done 😉

Until next time…