Okay so let’s just say you’ve already read my last blog, you know my ‘rules of engagement’, and you’re ready to start looking for that once in a lifetime ring for your lady friend.

Chances are that you likely haven’t done this before and that you may be a little apprehensive because you just don’t know where to start. Well congratulations on taking your first step– by reading my wise and helpful blog you are on your way to becoming a fiancé!

Anyways, let’s start here…

This is your girlfriend:









Well at least this was me… obsessed with ‘The Ring’. And there is a good chance your gal has spent at least some time at some point in her life thinking about it as well. She has probably thought about what it will look like, if it will look good on her finger, how big the band should be, if the band should be plain or riddled with mini diamonds, if her friends and family will like it, and perhaps even how much it will cost.

I’ll state the obvious, because it probably just crossed your mind— YES, she is in love with you for you and YES you’re right she should love whatever you end up getting for her—however that doesn’t mean she hasn’t thought about how nice it would be to have a juicy ring on her finger.

In defense of your future fiancé and as a lady myself, the ring is literally the first thing people want to see when you tell them you’re engaged. Blame our materialistic society, but that’s the first thing to come out of people’s mouths. SO no matter the size or the price tag, you want your girl to LOVE it. At that point it doesn’t matter what other people think, because she is so consumed with love just looking at it and thinking of you.

So let me ask you this… does she want a vintage ring? A solitaire? A coloured diamond? A round cut? Overwhelmed? Don’t know? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!! Go ask her, or creep her Pinterest, or ask her sister/best girlfriend, or look a little harder around the house or computer (she has probably left you clues). My point here was to prove that there are a lot of options out there and as much as you think you know her, unless you can answer those questions on your own, ask for a bit of help.

Engagement Rings


Next—there are 4 main things to be concerned about when buying a diamond, well 5 unofficially. The 4 C’s and the B.

To save myself from being redundant if you just Google this information, here is a simple and basic guide:

Diamond Chart


So basically…

Cut: What shape it looks like/how well the diamond is cut

Color: What color it ends up looking like (the ‘whiter’ the better)

Clarity: How sparkly it is (how many imperfections it has)

Carat: The size of the diamond (bigger is usually better)







B is for brand name—I included this in because if your girlfriend is anything like me, she has probably checked out the Tiffany or Cartier website and found her dream ring there. Here is the thing, if you can afford a brand name ring—YOLO, buy it, good for you. But just know that having that brand name inscribed on the inner part of the ring will cost you more than the actual diamond may be worth.

For example, if you go to a jeweler in your town and say you want a solitaire 1 carat diamond– they will likely be able to design you an amazing one of a kind ring, with an amazing diamond on all facets of the 4C chart for a very reasonable price. But if you go to Tiffany’s and ask for the exact same ring it will probably cost you triple OR the actual quality of the diamond will have to suffer to get within your budget.

Again, weigh your options— you can spend $15,000 on a 1 carat ring at Tiffany’s or go to your local jeweler and buy a Kim Kardashian juicer for the same price or just get a gorgeous 1 carat ring that looks the exact same as the 1 carat Tiffany’s ring but for much, much less. Up to you, but just know that before you drop a bunch of money on a ring you may not have to go to those lengths to get the same look your lady found and fell in love with.

Sales people at jewelry stores are very nice and the good ones will make sure you understand everything I just outlined before you buy. Don’t feel pressured to buy on the spot, tell them up front you are just looking and you want to learn more. Bring your girl along for the first trip, get her to try some on—speaking from experience they tend to look very different on her finger in real life than they did when she saw it on Pinterest, she may have wanted something super sparkly but once she has it on her hand, she realizes its just too much or vice versa.

No matter what, try to keep it a surprise when you actually do buy it. Surprising her will definitely be worth it all in the end so stay aloof post-shopping trip and buy on your own time.

I wish you the best of luck in your hunt, if you have any questions in the meanwhile, feel free to contact me (free of charge), I am happy to provide advice and a girly opinion if you’re still a little out of your wheelhouse – info@courtneyelizabethevents.com

Stay tuned next week for part 3 of the Engagement Series: Proposal Ideas and Tips…

Until next time…