Ladies, I have some great news… Engagement season will soon be upon us! So for those of you linked up ladies who have been waiting patiently to have your fella ‘put a ring on it’— get excited, because some of the most popular times to get engaged are almost here!

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Over the next few weeks, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about getting engaged—partly because I love talking about love and partly because I know there are a few girls out there that might want to send my amazing blogs to their future fiancés…

Or if you’re already one of the guys out there who avidly reads my work (I know there are a lot of you, so thank you for enjoying my witty humour)… these blogs will provide humourous, yet helpful, guidelines to help you if you are interested in popping the question some day.

Anyways— to start off the ‘Engagement Series’, here are some cold hard facts:

Did you know?

  • Nearly forty percent of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day
  • Prior to getting engaged, an average of 8% have already looked at wedding planning sites and more than 50% of couples report having at least 1 secret Pinterest board or other secret account on social media (Congrats ladies! You aren’t as weird as you thought you were!!)
  • 47% of individuals ‘popping the question’ select the ring on their own, while 46% of couples make the decision together. The remaining few let the recipient of the ring make the decision on their own.
  • 75% of brides change their Facebook status soon after they get engaged
  • Most brides aren’t surprised! According to a survey conducted by David’s Bridal, 57 percent said they knew it was coming, while 43 percent were left surprised by their proposal

Wedding Facts from: WedInsights, Glamour, and SFGate

Interesting isn’t it? Well since it’s ‘Engagement Season’ let’s go over the ‘Rules of Engagement’ to make sure you don’t forget or regret anything (it is the biggest moment of your life… #nopressure):

  • Make sure she is the one. This may seem obvious but its probably the most important thing to figure out. Don’t get married because you’re getting pressure from your friends, family, or girlfriends unrealistic timelines—do it because you want to spend the rest of your life with this person making them happy and being their best friend every single day.
  • Ask her parents. This may be very old-school and perhaps unnecessary for some couples but its like opening the door for a woman— some women may be offended and yell at you, but the majority will thank you for your thoughtfulness. So if you’re hemming and hawing about whether you need to ask her parents for her hand in marriage or not—I’d say better to do it just to say you did, than not do it and regret it.
  • THE RING. I recommend going shopping together or at least asking her what she envisions. Rings are SO different and jewelry preference is SO personal. Dillon and I went shopping a year before he actually proposed, but at least he knew what I thought I wanted. Obviously you can go rogue and pick it or design it yourself, but I think its best to get someone’s advice—whether it be her, her best friend, her sister or her mom—bring someone along to help you make decisions.
  • Plan to surprise her. Even if you have gone ring shopping together do your very best to make sure the actual proposal is a surprise. Throw her off guard, don’t tell too many people, and don’t make it too obvious. Even if she is a girl that hates surprises, this is the one life event that should come out of nowhere for her.
  • Take a knee. It may seem cliché but fulfill her dreams and do it the right way. Someone will end up asking her if you got down on one knee, so you might as well help her out and actually do it. Plus its very romantical…
  • Practice makes perfect. Plot out what you want to say beforehand to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the moment, go silent, and just throw the ring at her. You’ll be more relaxed if you have an idea of what points you want to get across. But speaking from experience, once the ring comes out and you’re on your knee, we don’t really hear what you’re saying anyways because we’re crying or hyperventilating. But that’s no excuse for you not to do your best.

Anyways, I hope these pre-proposal tips have helped you feel good about your decision. Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more tips and tricks on how to get engaged with a lot of love and minimal stress!

Until next time…